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We help professional football clubs create a gateway to one of the currently most exciting football markets in the world, Mali.


Why Western Africa, and why specifically Mali?


Western African countries have some of the youngest, most vibrant and fastest growing populations in the world. In 2019, 47% of the Malian population was 14 years old or younger, which amounts to app. 10 million people. This demographic development has already created a talent pool of young footballers with a size unequalled by any other region in the world. These numbers will continue to grow in the upcoming years.


Thanks to major improvements in football education and infrastructure quality since the beginning of the 2000's, Mali has become one of Africa's top football nations today, currently being the most successful African country in international youth competitions since 2015. However, the country’s amount of outgoing transfers represents only a fraction of the numbers of neighbouring countries such as Ghana, Nigeria or the Ivory Coast. This is due to the fact that the availability of player information, statistics and video material from Mali remains very restricted to a small number of agencies and clubs with an established network onsite.


Today, Mali is a largely untapped football market with a high number of talented young players, which are, most often than not, available for very reasonable financial conditions.

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"We are driven by our aim to help talented players realise their dream of professional football, while guiding and supporting them on their entire journey.


Our aspiration is to always achieve a successful working relationship based on honesty, integrity and transparency. We put the human being first."



Florian Bader
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FIFA Licensed Football Agent

ID 202304-536


Agency Owner

Modibo Doumbia
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Scouting &

Athlete Management

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Clément Bader
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Athlete Management & CRM

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Tizié Erwan Huebi
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Media Marketing &


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